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Bunnies Preschool (Great Ashby)

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For tips and advice to help you and your child on their first day please see our settling in tips sheet.  This can be found by clicking on the Info tab at the top of the page, then settling your child.


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Please check each setting for our individual opening hours.


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Key Person


At Bunnies Preschools we run a key working systems that encourage children to form a close relationship with their designated preschool carer or key person.  In addition to helping children to feel safe and secure this system also gives all parents/carers a point of contact within the group with a member of staff who works closely with their child.  Your child’s key person is responsible for maintaining your child’s developmental profiles and collating their Tapestry online learning journal, this is an online book that is individual to each child that records their development and progress throughout their time with us through observation, work products and photographs. 


Parents will be informed of their child’s key person on their prestart visit.  We remain flexible with our key person groups; if for any reason we feel a child would be happier or better suited to another group due to bonding or developmental needs we strive to accommodate the change.  A visual display of the children and the allocated key persons is displayed in the classroom.   Parents are informed immediately of any change.

Your child's key person will ensure that learning opportunities are personalised to  each child in their group throughout their time with us.  This is achieved through observations and formative assessments, determining each child’s preferred learning styles and continually monitoring and assessing each child’s achievements to ensure that activities can be adapted to further extend each child’s learning in line with their individual needs. 


We hold two parent’s consultations a year where you will be invited to have a chat with your child’s key person to discuss your child’s learning and development..  You can, of course, make an appointment at any time throughout the school year with your child’s key person and, if applicable, the settings SENco to discuss any aspects of your child’s life at preschool. 


When your child leaves us to attend another setting your child’s key person will support your child through the move, liaising as necessary with you and their new setting  to aid a smooth transition. 

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