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Bunnies Preschool (Shephall)
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Bunnies Preschool (Great Ashby)

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For tips and advice to help you and your child on their first day please see our settling in tips sheet.  This can be found by clicking on the Info tab at the top of the page, then settling your child.


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Please check each setting for our individual opening hours.


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A typical day at Bunnies Preschool (Shephall)

A daily routine gives children a sense of security. This is why we ensure each day is properly structured while leaving enough time for spontaneous activities.

Our daily routine


9.00am The children arrive:  As the children enter the classroom a member of staff is waiting to greet them and to mark the children in the attendance register.   The children also ‘self register’ with help from their parent or carer, by finding their name and placing it on the magnetic whiteboard.  The children then go straight into ‘free play’ or ‘child initiated play’ where they are free to participate in any the range of activities already out for them to enjoy.  Each day these include a role play area, mark making, a maths area, a reading/storytelling area, small world activities, sand play, ICT, ‘look and explore’ activities, dressing up and construction toys.  If a child requests a specific activity or toy that is not out this is, whenever possible, added to our daily plans.


9.15am Carpet time:  Once all the children have arrived we all gather on the carpet to sing our ‘Good Morning’ song, our ‘Days of the Week’ song, and our song of the week that wherever possible ties in with our theme or topic.  We choose a ‘Child of the Day’ who gets to select an activity and gets to help with little tasks, for example ringing the bell at the end of the session.  We then return to play.


9.30am The children’s play space is extended to include the outside play ground.  There are many activities on offer daily outside including sand, water play, train sets, a bug garden, ride on toys, den building, and a variety of role play equipment, for example, toy kitchens and a play house.   Along with all these child initiated or free play activities we also introduce a quality adult initiated play activity.  This is where we provide an activity with chosen materials for the children to use with the intention of introducing a more specific learning opportunity.  For example, the children may explore basic maths concepts like more or less, light and heavy or big and little through playing with play dough, scales and baking equipment with an adult supporting the children in their learning by introducing the concepts and encouraging the children to think and scaffold each other’s learning as they play together.  Such activities are delivered in an open-ended fashion to enable children to respond individually and independently in a variety of ways.


10.15am We open up our ‘rolling snack’.  Each day we offer a range of fruit and vegetables and a cracker or cereal for the children to enjoy along with a choice of either milk or water.  Rolling snack usually lasts for approximately 45 minutes; children can access the snack table as they wish to and they sit around the table in small groups with an adult to eat and drink.   This is a very sociable time of day and the children are encouraged to interact socially with each other, to make choices and to wherever possible help prepare their snack, e.g. spoon out and serve their own cereal or spread cheese onto a cracker.  All the children are encouraged to clear away their plates and cups at the end of snack.  The adult monitors a list of all the children in attendance each day to ensure that no child misses out through being too engrossed in another activity.


10.45am We change some of the activities both indoors and out to ensure that the children remain engaged and interested in their environment.  In the warmer summer months we may also use this time to take the children down onto the main playground or to use the large wooden equipment situated on the grass.


11.45 am We tidy up and the outside area is closed to the children in preparation for home time.  We all join together for songs and/or stories on the carpet to end the session.


12.00 noon Home time for some children, others stay for our lunch club until either 1 or 2 pm or for a full afternoon sesion until 3pm. 


Our afternoon sessions follow a similar timetable to the mornings


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