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For tips and advice to help you and your child on their first day please see our settling in tips sheet.  This can be found by clicking on the Info tab at the top of the page, then settling your child.


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My little boy absolutely loves this preschool and all of the staff there. He comes home telling me about new songs all the time and is always excited to see his 'Key-Person' at school.

There is good communication between staff and parents, Learning Journals are filled in, and parent's have lots of opportunity to be involved in their children's Learning Journals and school development.

There is lots for the children to do, my little boy has come home with paintings, sticking pictures, glitter pictures, drawings etc.. there seems to be a very diverse variety of activities for the children to engage in.

There's lots of educational and role play toys and the preschool are interactive with parents in regards to 'book of the week' and 'song of the week' so you can talk about these at home with your children.

Overall I am really impressed, and my little boy has learnt so much since being there! Always comes home with new things to tell me about what he did that day. I was nervous for my little boy to start preschool as it was the first time he had been left somewhere, but I have gained a lot of confidence in this pre school and I have no concerns or issues what so ever. I will be sad when he leaves :-)

Posted on our Facebook page by Victoria. February 2015

I am extremely pleased to have found such a good pre-school to send my little man to. The setting is lovely, full of fun things to do without being too big & has an excellent outside area. The staff are fabulous, caring, professional & have given my son the correct levels of support, care & tough love to aid in the development that he's needed; especially as he has found pre-school & leaving me very hard. They have been brilliant - thank you Bunnies 


Posted on our Facebook page by Claire June 2015

From the bottom of our hearts we want to thank the kind, caring and warm teachers at Bunnnies.  Our daughter loved coming to school and we as parents were always welcome to approach the teachers and talk to them.  Special thank you to Rachel, Anna, Fiona and Amy, we will miss you all dearly.

From Helini and Mahi

Bunnies is an amazing preschool! My daughter Brooke has been here 2 and a half years and has Down syndrome and everyone has been amazing helping her develop!
Thank you so much!


Posted on our Facebook page by Roxanne July 2015

Thank you so much for all your hard kind  and caring work you have put into my daugters over the last 2-3 years. They have loved every minute of being with you all.  I am very sad L has to leave.  We will miss you all so much.


From Charlotte July 2015

To Rachel and all the staff.

I just wanted to let you all know how much I have appreciated all the care, support, time and effort that have been given to K and myself.  I am so pleased to have found Bunnies and give K the pleasure of the experience you have all played a part in enabling K to succede personally, emotionally & educatioally.  Bunnies is a fantastic setting and you should all be proud of your achievements.  Your hard work, dedication, care, time and efforts truely do benefit all of the children that pass through your hands.


I am only one voice but can't express how happy and greatful I am for K & I am sure I am not the only one!! 


From Claire.  July 2015

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